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Hoop Host Acceptable Use Policy

  • AUP Policy! Pending Updates!

    For now, use common sense. Don't abuse the services, don't cheat, don't steal, nothing illegal, don't upload bad things, etc,. We'll come up with more details later. Read the Terms of Service.

  • Acceptable Resource Usage

    Resource usage is straight forward.

    Disk Space

    You're allowed to use up to your account limit. You may not use this space for online storage. All files stored on your account must be essential for the website(s) to function. Large zip files and backups may not be stored on the services. We maintain backups.


    Bandwidth is not capped, but it's not limitless. If you use 10GBs/mo, you'll never hear about bandwidth usage. If however you exceed an exponential amount of bandwidth, we will audit your account and ask why you need this much bandwidth. The services offer shared connectivity, limited to 100Mbps among all users.


    All CPU usage must be reasonable. Optimize your scripts, cache your content, make sure your MySQL usage doesn't hit any loops. CPU usage will be addressed on a per-user basis.

  • Restricted & Prohibited Content

    The following outlines the types of content you can, and cannot host. To keep things simple, if it's not in this clause, then it's fair to assume it's not permitted. If you feel it should be permitted, contact us and we'll update our AUP.

    Automated Bots & Unattended Scripts

    There's a fine line between what's acceptable automation, and what's unacceptable. Acceptable is a regular cron job for essential functionality such as a daily cron to update website statistics such as number of visitors. An example of unacceptable automation would be a bot that automatically crawls external pages. Contact us before putting up any automated software on your account and we'll let you know if it's acceptable.

    Adult Oriented Content

    You are authorized to upload adult content to your hosting account. All adult content must be owned by you, and you must have the full consent of the individual(s) (whether as yourself, or a representative) to upload such materials to your hosting account.

    To summarize, if you don't know the performers IN PERSON that are to be displayed on the websites you upload, or if you have not created the content YOURSELF, then you are not authorized to upload this material.

    With the above statements, it should be clear that automated sites, pre-made sites, and sites you buy with pre-filled content are completely restricted from uploading to the services. Many of these websites don't succeed anyway, so you're saving yourself time by not trying.

    Casino & Lottery Websites

    To keep this clause simple, anything related to gambling that involves real world currency exchanges are not permitted. You are permitted to have games that relate to lottery and casinos (such as slots, poker, and blackjack flash games for example), but any involvement with real world currency is strictly prohibited.

    Email Lists & Bulk Mailing

    Given the attraction of spammers on free hosting, bulk mailing is strictly prohibited. In addition, mailing lists are not authorized as well. You must utilize an external SMTP service for bulk mailing. Standard email is accepted which includes casual use, private, personal, and business. To reiterate, no mailing lists and no newsletters are allowed to be sent from the shared hosting services.

    Forums & Open Communities

    Forums and open registration communities are allowed. You must protect your login and registration forms, and moderate your communities from posting spam.

    iFrame Websites & Rotating Sites

    You need a real website to use the services. This is to prevent individuals from setting up an iFrame page and rotating hundreds of thousands of requests to this page with varying different websites. This is often associated with pay to click websites, which are prohibited.

    Linking & File Sharing

    You are allowed to link to websites and files. Sharing is what makes the Internet so great. You are however prohibited from linking to illegal content or pirated software. This includes linking to anything that would result in a DMCA takedown notice, legal claim, and so on. Share responsibly, and make sure your links are within the legal boundaries of US law.

    Nulled Scripts & Pirated Software

    Under no circumstances are you to run any nulled script on the servers. Doing so will result in immediate suspension without notice if discovered. We do not tolerate piracy of any software to any degree, there are no exceptions.

    Pay to Click Websites

    Given the nature of Pay to Click websites, these are restricted from the services. They generate a lot of traffic, but unfortunately this traffic tends to be abusive. If you decide to setup a Pay to Click website, you're best looking for a niche host that specializes in this service.

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