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Hoop Host Privacy Policy

  • Your Data

    For now, we're only using your data for purposes of delivering a service to you. We will not share or distribute this in ANY WAY to third parties.

  • Your Data (In the future)

    We still don't have plans on sharing your data to partners or individuals. We may consider using it to serve advertisements for some of our services and possibly using it to sell you more stuff, but we don't really have any plans on sharing your information with any partners, affiliates, vendors, etc,. You will always know when your data is being shared, and you will always have an opt-out option. We're trying to keep most of our operations internal. NOTE:: Opt Out options will come in many forms. For that reason, we cannot go through the entire list, but we feel it's necessary to clarify that right now. One great example, advertisements may be "Opted out" of by using an ad-blocker. There will be "Unsubscribe" options for emails. You get the picture.

  • Professional Statement

    This website was rushed. We don't really have much content pertaining to privacy policies, but we want to assure you your data will be protected to the best of our ability, and our above statements will hold true. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us. If you want to speak to someone, leave a phone number. We'll be happy to call you back.

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